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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Harveys Supermarket Circular And Wednesday Super Savers

Sign up for Harvey's email and receive their weekly ad with new promotions and savings every Wednesday. You will also get 4 Harveys store coupons every week. This week's coupons were:

$1 off 2 bags Lay's potato chips
$1 off 2 jars of Kraft Real Mayonaisse
$1 off 2 bottles of Hunt's ketchup
$1 off Strawberry Pillsbury Toaster Strudels

* the coupons don't expire for 2 weeks from the date of the sale, so if its not something you need you can wait to see if the item goes on sale the next week

Wednesday Super Savers at Harveys:

Harvey's brand gallon bleach 5/$5

Smart Option sugar 4lb bags 3/$5

Smithfield smoked ham -shank portion $.89/lb

10lb bag Idaho potatoes $2.99

Seabest Tilapia fillets 5lb bag $9.99

*For the items that are on sale for 3/$5 and 5/$5, you do NOT have to buy 3 or 5 to receive the sale price*

Other notable deals:

12" Tombstone frozen pizzas 4/$10

Delmonico steak $4.99/lb

Suave Naturals shampoo or conditioner $.99

4lb bags of oranges and 5lb bags of Pink grapefruit- BOGO free

Harveys Supermarket of Folkston Circulars

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